Lost connection on Haunted Archipelago

This is ridiculous! 

I had a solid internet connection, yet after completing Haunted Archipelago, I lose my connection and end up with 1 crown!

There’s no way the connection was dropped at my end. FG needs to be able to determine which end dropped the connection before penalising the end user!



send it to support, think they can do more 


its a bug some have on IOS or Android maybe Windows Phone too. Send a ticket to support cannot change anything. People have complain about this bug since the first ninja event. Since september and Flaregames don’t have fix this bug.

Its really frustrating I can understand that many players encounter this bug and until Flaregames decide to fix that. Nobody cannot do something about that

Support should be monitoring this forum. private requests will just go on the to do list. this is affecting gameplay in a big way. many are not trying anymore because of this bug, which means they aren’t bothering to gem their way through the tougher levels.


Normally in a game they is always one player in the team who play the game. I think we can saw that in some game. to able to fix if they encounter a problem. Some think flothaboss its a player from Flaregames and other said its just a normal person who love spend gems. If there is no player from the team of Flaregames that can explain all the bugs and problem people meet in this game after each update

I guess they use maybe just one iphone or IOS and test on it. They need to test all kind of model and stuffs

I don’t know exactly how they test the bug but seem to be not the best way they use at this moment since many years. Maybe they should change the process of testing bugs