Lost friend uber chest although I unlocked it

My friend uber chest disappear after active “Boost your defense” event although I unlocked it

I had a friend uber chest and asked my friend unlock it for me, all done and the chest unlocked.
I opened it and saw an uber helmet, I wanted to keep it but my bag was full. Then I sold some item in my bag to make room for it.
But when I exit bag window, a red arrow catch my eye, it point to “Boost your defense” flag and after acctive the event, my uber chest is disappear, no item was add to my bag.
I tried to reset the game but it doesnt help.
I am still new to this game and those uber item are luxury to me. Please help to get them back.

My IGN: Bờm2101
Friend that unlocked the chest: Bomberman2101

Look for this helmet in your inventory.

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I hv checked already, no uber helmet there

I had this a few times already, if the item is not in your inventory it means it has been converted in gold.
There is some kind of timer before the whole chest is cleared if you don’t claim the rewards.

Hi Bom,
Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:
If you think that there is a mistake with claiming your items please contact our customer service who would love to have a look at this for you.
This is the link: https://support.flaregames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
Please write in English. :slight_smile:


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I back for the chest just in 1 or 2 minute, I dont think the timer is that short

Yea true but in this case you clicked the banner, which refreshes the games (it’s like a dis. connect and connect from the game), so refreshing game also finishes the timer.
Anyways contact CS they might give it back.


CS give me the chest back already. Thank you all for your help.