Lost Gems


I pressed accidentally on “complete upgrade” and i lost more than 800 gems…:frowning: how can I get them back?

Thank you

only by filing a ticket with support

There are a bunch of buttons in this game that need confirmation yes/no afterwards…

Your issue is one…

Auto purchase of gems  is another NO THIS IS NOT A STORE ISSUE

QUIT Button in alliance screen should not throw you out of alliance without checking first.

People spend their gems faster than they can buy or acquire so theres really no need to have accidents ruin the experience.

I am sure theres more, 

That’s a part of FG strategy. Nobody can help in that. Everybody in the game has lost gems  due to silly/unwanted errors. I have lost more than 2000 gems on different occasions. Just get over it and don;t think too much. 

We share your grief and know how you feel. 



Contact Support, they will provide you some compensation, maybe 50% since you lost a large amount.

Place a ticket to flare u can recieve around 500 gems max.

Even i lost around 2k+ Gems They gave only 500?