lost leader status in alliance

I created an alliance a while ago called The Vault and automatically became leader. I’ve been offline for a while and lost my leadership status when a new member joined and I got demoted to General. How can I become leader again?

If you gave the leadership to other member there is no other way than ask him to give it back.

Hi, you can have back your rank of leader by sending a message to support telling your problem: http://flaregames.helpshift.com/a/royal-revolt-2/?contact=1

You became inactive and then a random general becomes the leader. If there is no leader a random player will be promoted. Only option you have is to kindly ask the player to promote you again. If he doesn’t, there is not a lot you can do. Let the members decide who they pick as the leader would be a friendly solution, but I don’t know if the new leader will accept that.  


If he doesn’t return the leadership and members aren’t allowed to decide, I would reconsider leaving this alliance. Trust is broken and when you don’t trust the new leader, why would you stay there?

This is totally unfair. This happened to me in the alliance I founded, and I didn’t even have any generals in my alliance. According to support, I was supposedly inactive for 7 days. But that’s not true; I did not go inactive. I logged on at least every other day to collect chests.

I have donated over 210 days to my alliance, and this is the reward the game gives me? Totally and completely unfair.

By the way, moderator, I did email support, and they said they couldn’t help me.

This is an unacceptable solution, especially when many alliance leaders have invested almost the entirety of donations in their alliance. I started my alliance in 2015. Since then, I have invested 21,000,000 in my alliance, over the course of 210 separate donation days. The next greatest donor invested a mere 2,000,000. That means I have invested something like 90%, by logging in every day for 210 days and pressing the donation button.

And can you imagine for alliance leaders who have invested real money in the alliances they started? This is a totally unfair mechanism.

Maybe, but aren’t you the person who went inactive? I know, vacations or whatever other good reason to be offline for 5 days means you go inactive will be no longer leader. See it from the other side, how does an alliance look like with inactive leader? And how can the game makers know you will return? I was on vacation also as leader, but in my team we can trust members, so generals guarded the team and became randomly leader. That is the way to do it, gain trust, play as a virtual family. I can promote any general plus member any time to leader, that’s because all know and acceot I am the leader. 

So when you go inactive they pick first a general, if there is none another random player is chosen. Say it’s a general, you promoted him for a reason to become general. So why you don’t ask him plus the team to promote you again to leader. Explain why you went inactive and if that doesn’t help there is nothing more left then accept it or create a new team if you want to be leader again. Emotional talks like you just did won’t help, the new leader will not be interested in it. Only… tell him why you promoted him, what happened, gain his trust. If he refuses, even flare won’t be able to help you.

Players loyal to you will automatically follow. Been in a different, but same situation. More than a year ago I was general in a team that’s now history. The leader was very good in being absent, while I was keeping the team together by leading them, even boosts I payed with my own gems, since we were not allowed to activate them.

Team members did see me as the logical leader, so when other generals had enough of it, they asked the leader to hand it over to me. To be clear, I even didn’t ask. He refused, so we created a new team. I just wanted to leave that alliance and didn’t even ask players to follow me, in fact I asked them to stay before I left.

Within a couple of hours, there was more than enough room for all players willing to join. Many players came over, did extra donations and said it was a logical response, I took care lf them, so they would take care of me, almost the complete team followed me.

Now it’s your moment of truth, were you a good leader, then there is nothing to worry. Those players remember you and will be on your side. The gold invested is indeed lost when you start all over, but in the end, it’s only gold and that can be recovered.

Like I said, step 1 is just asking the player to return leadership to you after explaining what happened. If he refuses, you know what to do. I don’t work for flare, so this is the best advice I can give you.

That’s why G&M rules. If you have issues with your alliance come over, you will never regret it.


First of all, I didn’t go inactive for 5 days. I log in every day or every other day to get the chest, so that’s just a bug or bad programming.

Second of all, I have been the main or only member in my alliance for almost the entire year since I created it. Most of the time, I am the only one who sticks around, and everyone else has entered and left. I dedicated 210 DAYS of donations to it. Thanks to my donations, I managed to reach level Alliance level 19. Are you freaking telling me that because the game deemed me inactive for 5 days in the last 365 days, that I should lose the work of 210 donations? Give me a break. What kind of warped ideology did you grow up with, that you would think it acceptable to STEAL the property of someone else, after a year of work, because you didn’t ‘see’ them there in 5 days? That’s not how ownership works where I live. And I hope it’s not that way where you live, or else everyone would be extremely poor due to legalized theft.

I have donated over 90% of the alliance’s funds. I should never have opened the clan to allow other players in. If I had known other players could steal my alliance, I would never have invited them. I enjoyed leveling up my alliance on my own - I don’t need them to pitch in a measly 10%. Most of them were inactive for the last 365 days. It’s unbelievable to me that someone who has donated the smallest fraction has now taken total control of my alliance.

You are arguing for theft. If you really believe that theft is ever morally okay, there is really no point in continuing this discussion further, because you were raised with incorrect morals.

I am so sick of video games which steal all my hard work, when I have invested so much time into them. It’s completely unfair. Why do developers think stealing from players is ever acceptable, for any reason?


First calm down, I am trying to help you, not to burn you into the ground. I know you are upset, but I am not your enemy. I wasn’t the one who took away your leadership and team, you have to realize that. that your reaction is emotional I can understand. You worked a long time and hard to get your team to the level it was now. It’s indeed a long investment and I would not like to see to get it taken away from you.

So please lower your tone somewhat and try to talk in a normal way when I try to help you. I am no fortune teller and I also have to guess. So I gave you most plausible explanation first. You didn’t went inactive is what you are telling. If you didn’t go inactive for 5 days in a row, then another plausible reason must be found. Did you ever transfer your account?  If so, would it be possible that another person did hand over leadership to another person without you even knowing it? Or is it possible that someone transferred your account without your knowledge.

If even that did never happen then contact flaregames support. Explain to them in a calm way (without showing emotions like now) what happened and that you want your team back. They are the only ones who can help you. I know the feeling, I donate not only 100k every day, I donate 500k every day and did spend already more than 20k on gems for extra donations. You don’t see me yelling how much I spend and I am even not interested in that number. for the record, I play almost 2.5 years, seen even worse things happen.

You have to realize that I am trying to help you, since I don’t like either what happened to you. Yes, I have seen teams being ruined by making wrong person general and even top teams were ruined by doing so. Even IL once had bad luck that a wrong person became leader (hack or whatever reason). He even threw out all members and then left. End of that alliance, no longer existed due to that action. And they contacted flare, showed them screenshots and guess what happened? Flare helped them to restore their entire alliance.

So now stay calm and contact support first.  www.flaregames.com/support . Give them some time to respond.

Also check the response of oPelle on 13 november. He gives another link. He is moderator, so that could be even more wise to do.