Lost my alliance, after I donated 210 days.

I started an alliance about a year ago. (2015) I have donated 21 million to the alliance, in increments of 100,000. That’s 210 days of logging on to donate. The second highest donor has only donated 2 million, and has not even been in my alliance for the entire year. I did not have any generals at all, because I didn’t want to risk anyone taking over the alliance.

As of yesterday, the second highest donor became the leader without my knowledge, and I was demoted to general. Apparently the game counted me as ‘inactive’ from September 11th to September 18th. (Even though I know for a fact that I logged on multiple times in that period to collect daily chests)

What’s the point of investing so heavily in an alliance if it can be taken away from you so arbitrarily? I invested by logging in once a day for 210 days, and this is my reward?

I sent an email to Flare Games support. Here is part of their reply:

Here’s my recommendation: stop investing in your alliances. You have no way to guarantee you won’t have leadership stolen from you. And then the new leader can simply kick you out from the alliance. If you put real money into it, you will be even more disappointed.

I sympathise but to my knowledge there have been cases where leadership WAS transferred to the original leader by Flaregames Support.

Maybe handy to combine both topics together. http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/7193-lost-leader-status-in-alliance/

I didn’t see this topic before I responded to the other one. So did you also try to contact the newly promoted leader?

And KKStar is right, in some cases original leader got back the leadership.

Would have to draw attention of @Karman & @oPelle for shifting the topic.

Recently, if you see help & questions section, there was a case of leadership being returned.

I remember they could reinstate you as leader again by contacting support few times ago, not sure if now they change idea whenever they want.

This kind of makes me sad a little. Not about you Lossing your Alliance . I do hate that happened. I’m sad about the fact that after almost 9 months you can’t trust anyone in your Alliance enough to have any generals. The friends I made in this game, especially in my alliance is the only reason I still play. If anybody was accidentally promoted to leadership in our 60 member Alliance they would immediately give it back. We are friends there and it seems this is something you are missing in your Alliance.

The majority of people in my alliance do not even speak English, so I don’t know how you managed to get so many friends. In fact, the average member joins, and then leaves a week later. We are only in an alliance together so we can gain coin boosts. It’s unfair that some stranger now effectively has control of my alliance after all the work I put into it.

Also, I triple dare you to promote anyone in your alliance to leader, then wait a day, and then ask them to promote you back. I bet they won’t give it back.

The leader has rotate leadership here between 6 generals. I believe anyone here would fix this if it happens by mistake. We have most members that have/do donated extra cash donations that are not required . We have 3 married couple that play in this Alliance. It’s a family atmosphere here.

My advice if you want it is to take the time to visit around .Don’t know if you fought in war before or not, but would give you a chance to learn more about the game, have a higher gold boosts and most importantly get to know more people that you can talk to in the game.