Lost My Linked Acc

Flare Team,

I lost my acc that was linked to my i6 mobile… My i6 failed to boot yesterday and i had to hard reset it losing all my data… Now after installing the game my linked acc is gone and i could not link it again from the android mobile i used since it can be done only once in 360 days… Please help me with a solution at the earliest

First of all if ur previous device was Android too then you can get it by playing with same mail staright.

Secondly,if that was a different device like iOS or windows then if you had linked game with facebook you should be able to get it back by linking it again with facebook.

Do these steps first if problem remains unsolved contact support here https://flaregames.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?mobile_site=true

Unfortunately my fb is not linked… I sent a mail to support team… But no response yet ?

They will,

But its took some time

May be check ur back up data