Lost pro crystals

I was buying and donating phoebes and the game crashed. I wasn’t able to connect most of the day. It stole 20,000 crystals. Should have had 4 Phoebes, only got 3.

Mithrin Feanor
Windows 10 Pc

4 u have but u can only donate 3.

not if the player already has a phoebe of his own… Then buying 4 phoebes would allow to donate all 4 of them…

I think his problem should be he notice his pal in throne room is different with in castle gate.

I highly doubt that… A person who has that lot of pro crystals to buy 4 Phoebes can not be so stupid that he cannot even distinguish the numbers shown in pals list and the number he can donate (shown number - 1)…

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Hahahahaha, sorry about that.

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Hi there,
Please contact the customer support for payment related issues.
Thank you!