lost the trophies thogh i opened the gate

destroyed all towers and barrcides and opened the gate , yet i lost trophies 


and this was also reported by other players 


You probably did not kill the defender, before crushing the gate.

That’s why only 95% success and raid…

There are many ways you don’t get 100%if a defender gets to your gate or you open the gate before killing the hero statue this will happen 


No … what he did was giving the last hit on the gate when the timer was showing 0 … timer was already expired.

When the timer expires the game still lets you give a hit or two that may take down the gate, but it won’t assign you the victory points.

And with 95% destruction percentage, still -12 cups?

…wow…seems unfair a bit…

Yup, that happened to me countless times.

Yes it is because, when you end it past the timer is zero (in those maybe tenth of seconds before the game stops) it will still calculate for the % the gate down, but it won’t for the score nor the gold.

The “bug” itself is not the -12 cups, as you didn’t complete it in time… it is, rather, that they calculate cups/thropies and % in two different moments, ence the “shock” of the player that gets 95% and minus.

Believe me, I was as mad/annoyed as you when it happened to me, went right away flaming on forums as well and then i got it explained.

I guess it’s not high on bug fixes priority as, after all, it doesn’t happen THAT often to close a fight exactly at -0:00:01 - but it is still a bug, even if not the bug we believe right away.