Lost Torches - Give back


Alliance: Sovereign Gate

In the screenshot, you can see that we have lost 5 torches without even participating in war, while the other alliance gained 5 for nothing. Return us the 5 torches, so that it becomes fair. It’s your responsibility as CM to work on these, but last 10 days you have been quiet. Have this rectified asap. 

Also provide us the compensation for the losses…

@CaptainMorgan @GalaMorgane Can you please provide any insights on this? We feel, we have been cast aside… Why is everybody from FG failing to take responsibility? What about the compensation?

Because of this, we have lost 5 torches and have been demoted a league… Had we fought the war, we would have(Had a chance) lost only one or two islands… This game is going crazy and most of all FG is being insane without helping out the players… Give us the torches back so we are back in the original league were we belong… Whats the use in being quiet?

YOU WILL JUST LOOSE MORE PLAYERS COZ OF YOUR SILENCE… and eventually kill this wonderful game …


They know this issue,but I think they are busy to debugging and manually change torch 1 by 1.

@IllidanVishnu, sorry for the lack of communication from our side. We have now finished returning Torches to those Alliances which dropped out, as well as removing excess Torches from Alliances which were facing them in the War.

Soon, we will also provide a some compensation for those who were unable to fight during the War.


@CaptainMorgan Thank you for taking the time in replying. Hope, you’re able to pull of some miracle and bring the game back to its original glory, so lost player come back. I checked, The trophies are back, thanks.

Yes Donoo, I did see that post but since last month, the Octopi Queen has lost her reputation among all players.  

please, dont forget the compensation for the war last week where also some alliances dropped out of war. thanks a lot.