Lost trophies due to disconnect

my in game is audigy2s today I lost 30 trophies due to disconnect the raid never started after the reconnect I found out that I lost trophies this isn’t the first time this issue happed to me
please fix this problem.
os windows 10 v1909 18362.752

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This has been a bug for a long time. I wrote to Flare before about all the disconnects and was told they were not happening because customer service doesn’t get many tickets about the issue.

What Flare doesn’t realize is that people don’t bother to submit tickets every time they are disconnected from the game (this would take a lot of time).

I see disconnects when hitting the attack button, trying to give people troops, and many other times. The game is buggy and unstable. You just have to accept this as part of the game.

Yeah, it’s frustrating

It’s not a big deal, a few pushes and you’r back.

COVID-19 beats FG?
Same bad connection here, slow/disconnection/hard to log in, very unstable everyday

I know the same situation in my alliance. Much disconnect during the battles in the actually war…So frustrating moment for the loss of skulls.