Lost vids

Again vids don’t work for me. I’m tired of this crap. I know Flare needs money from us watching these, but when they can’t deliver, give the user the boost anyway.

I won’t fight in non-team wars until they fix this, and encourage others to do the same.

if you talk about Blacksmith Boost. The video work for me non stop. I never have problem since 4 years. About the boost its annoying its delayed like 5 minutes after. Maybe my internet connection but I doubt. 

About the video if you are on PC there is some fix somewhere on this forum. Some manipulation. Never used so I don’t know. @Dena4 Do you remember the manipulation to fix video ads?

Nevermind lol sorry to tag you. Look Here and read the post of Thomas :

Many have said this fix work on PC. If you are on IOS : Ipad,Iphone,etc… I don’t know if there is a fix for this. If i remember correctly you need to reboot your device but I think this have consequence not sure. I don’t know if you lose your saves game. Maybe others can answer more on this. Wait tomorrow. Someone maybe know something about this

image.png (0 Bytes)

Hope you can read this, found in forum almost year and half ago, had to scan the copy I printed for my use. It is the fix if you are on Win10.

Thanks for your reply, thomas. I have tried these fixes in the past. Sometimes they work, but worst case they lose your account for a month, happened to me last August.

Flare could fix this but doesn’t.


Even this is not a permanent fix. Have had to use this over 20 times in past year. Good Luck

Thank you, trunnion, I’ve put many of you on pipes over the years. :grinning:   How do you get to this file? (I’m a computer noob).



In Cortana Search bar, type in This Pc. In file search bar type *c:\users* your pc name \appdata   you should then be able to click on folders following the line in above post. I am also a computer noob and took me 1\2 hour to find the right file the first time.