Lost war battle due to bad connection error

  1. In a single sentence, describe your bug, like you are telling a friend about it and try to make it as descriptive as possible.
    Attack in war was closing to victory when i got the bad connection error
  2. What steps do you need to take to make this bug happen? We need to be able to reproduce it. Make sure you write down steps, such as this is the first action, the second step and so on.
    Not able to reproduce it
  3. What is actually supposed to happen? If the bug didn’t exist and you followed all of the steps you listed earlier, what should happen in game?
    I should have won the battle and get the points
  4. Now write down what is ACTUALLY happening, when you follow the steps you have named?
    Screen is freezing and i got bad connection error like in the picture
  5. What version of the game are you using? For example. Version 5.0. on iOS
  6. With which device and OS are you playing? Apple 6s, ioS 12 would be a helpful answer here
    IoS 12
  7. What is your in-game name?
  8. Additional screenshots or videos
  9. Do you have crash logs? Please attach them if you do. These are really valuable.
    Only a picture. Attached
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This error is associated with a bad connection. It happens to me, when my wifi is weak or needs a reboot or something similar.

I usually have time to switch to 4G from a hotspot on my mobile (i play on ipad), and 95% of the time, the screen loads.

There is literally nothing the devs can do, because the result of the battle has to be send at the time the battle finishes. Otherwise people would exploit any other feature, and stop their game (Internet) when they know they will lose the battle - hence try again.

Just make sure your connection is good.


and typically when bad wifi in an hotel when travelling. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: a hotspot from another mobile (if your device has only wifi) or change of the location (even within the rooms might help).

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