Lots of small troops or a few big troops?

What are your thoughts on quantity versus power for offensive and defensive troops?

I know a lot of it boils down to what level the troops are at, but all else being relatively equal, what are your preferences?

Usually, bigger (fewer) seems better to me so far, but I see some of you guys’ screenshots and it looks like a lot of you seem to like a hoarde of foot soldiers. I admit that I have run into a few defenses where someone sent a phalanx of upgraded/boosted warriors/spearmen at me and they were a pain to take down.

Just seemed like a useful topic to get a few perspectives on. :slight_smile:

like a lot of things in the game it depends. depends on the layout and if you can keep small units alive by use of protective and healing mechanisms, buffs and odyssey enhancements (beside their level), gameplay,… stuff like that.

and nyx can only focus on a certain amout of units. same for (some) other towers like apollo. so if you have a lot of e.g. spearmen around your hero he can be kind of save and if a nyx turns around one this guy is killed fast. but e.g. facing one lapetos and not going defense mode or dont have shield or whatever can burn all down.

what you also should know is that for every spearman placed in a defense wave you get two running down the path.

i personally like the buffed griffins (and phoenix too), but if nyx turn them against you it might be bad :man_shrugging:

just try and find out what YOU like best. your choice if AP or manual play might also be a factor.

and it might also change during different stages of the game. i had a time when i liked the minos a lot. now i dont use them anymore. maybe i should try again different stuff then i am used too. it sometimes gives a wow effect.

Why not a mix of both?

Many people chose phoenix with blessed medusa in waves, as although they aren’t the strongest possible troops, they get respawned and medusas obviously die and split into spears and a warrior (so is good value) - This is more a time consumer for the attacker rather than a real destructive wave.
Should also consider that if you have all defensive waves with just phoenix, an attacker can summon just phoenix to attack and they will bypass all defensive phoenix without attacking them, as phoenix have 100% fire res and don’t attack things they can cause no damage to. So is good to add a defensive Grffin/medusa combo in there somewhere.