Lots of throphys lost because of technical error

Im very frustrated, i started three fights and has to watch to the Videos because ihadnt enough Food. After i watched the Videos the System crashed and i had to restart the Game. After the restart i saw that i lost over 64 throphys and this three times. I had at the beginning today 2175 and now i have only 1974 throphys. What a mess, this is so ridiciulos, and now i  dont have and Motivation to continue playing anymore. I have to make over 33 fights to earn this throphys again. But wasnt responsible for the lost. No fun. 


You are from Europe and play on Windows?  It’s already known for a while that videos don’t give rewards on Windows in Europe.

Best tip I can give you is to start collecting farm gear. You need less food and running out of food will not be very likely when you have at least 5 out of 6 possible items with farm gear, unless you keep raiding for a long time. 

You don’t have to make 33 fights to earn those trophies back. Just play around with matchmaker. Sometimes opponents give 10- trophies, but some give 50+ trophies. I use match maker to quickly raise my trophies before ninja season start. Works pretty well. Be sure you raid players that you can beat. using matchmaker can also do the opposite, lose plenty of trophies.

Thank you Dana4 for your answer. I play the game on my iphone in europe yes. All the facts are clear to me. Ididnt lose the throphys because i had fights that i couldnt win, this function im using also. I was very motivated at this time and after some fights; i won all of them, i wanted to make more. And therefore i had to watch to the videos. It was an advertisement Video of Daimler by the way. ? at the and of the Video my monitor was dark and nothing was functioning. My mobile Phone was ouf of Order. Now im frustrated because it wasnt my mistake. Shit happens i know that icant change anything. But writing and discussing helps a Little. ? Greetings from Germany ?

Another technical problems and crashes, one in the middle of a fight and one after watching a video for food. Now lost 124 throphys. Thanx, this is so ridiculous. Do you do this to hold the players small so they have to spent a lot of money? I cannot find an another explanation. Im sorry… 

Maybe I don’t understand, but you say you are losing trophies after watching videos that crash?  The only way it’s possible to lose trophies is if you lose a fight.  Am I misunderstanding?

crash during fight or disconnection during fight = lost trophies (around 60 trophies per fight, this is ridiculuous)!!