Hi Everyone,

With the past updates Flaregames has welcomed alot of love and dislikes towards Royal revolt 2.So what do you like and hate the most about the new changes that were implemented?

What are your suggestions on what flare should do to the improve RR2?


Set the poll a multiple choise. For me there is more than 1 choice that i would to check.  :grinning:


It’s not that I hate the 1.6.x update, but somehow it ruined the orientation of the game…

In my case the best thing were:

  1. Chast System it’s an incredible thing, i like it because now you can talk (not at all because it isn’t a Global Chat) but a it’s a first step talking with your Alliance;

  2. So Alliance is related to the Chat System;

  3. And finally Alliance Gold Boost : nice idea to earn more gold through an alliance gold boost that depends on the amount of trophies that a person has. Nice Catch!


In my case the worst thing were:

  1. To change the prices of some Quest… Disgusting this a lot especially for who take a lot of times to get gems !

  2. Same thing for the Alliance Tower most of people said that could be very difficult collect gems to upgrade the Alliance, now i see that most of them have max Alliance Level Tower…

  3. Gem Cost in general ( if i want to buy some gold i need to spend around 260 gems for only around 500K gold  when 500K i took after winning a match…)

I hate how the alliance work now , because no different from the alliances, only one different is use money or not!

Why did they increase the cost of gems?

What I love is the dungeons, reminds me of RR1…

I hate the super low trophies can work still now, so unfair way to play this game!

Well at least some alliances won’t recruit people with super low trophies! :grinning:

Like you noodles… Who knows maybe budakalasz pittied you so he let you in :3

No he didn’t pity me, 2000 trophies is low? you had 2000 trophies once, I’m only 600 away from you anyway.


I got a question, also


Why are you always picking on me???


Calibones, in my alliance, has been there way before I joined and I’ve got more trophies than him, why don’t you pick on HIM instead?? Just cuz I’m on this everyday you pick on ME!


This has gone too far, dude, you’re bringing out the raging chicken in me, once again  :angry:

Back to topic, anyway so yeah Love/Hate blah blah blah Love that, hate this. I hate Atlas.

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I would raid you but I’m not strong enough, hey actually I’ll try raiding you, without gems, I’m gonna atleast get 78% on you or something, I will crush you!

ok good luck :slight_smile:

Silver I think I got 45% on your base, and it’s all cuz of those gargoyles, but then I cheated by asking my good friend to raid you and get victory :stuck_out_tongue:

your good friend pffft you mean budakalasz justtopassthe time and more… all in all I gained like 20 trophies because of all of you but I gained the trophies only from, lost 0-1 trophies from every one else


Please help…i cannot open my dungeon…its saying fungeon not loaded completely…please try later…its quite disgusting…someone please suggest how could i fix that? Thanks