Low level players

I dont really like when staff call low level players exploiters. I pretty much played from start and I payed money to get where I am. Whats to say that you should have a certain amount of trophies at a certain level, thats just bs and plain saying pay up and you get it but if you play by strategy and are patient you dont get anything.

I am a low level player that used same strategy as in all games like this. I went in to the game knowing exactly what to expect. Heavy gem spenders have such a huge advantage on regular players with buffed defences and troops so normal or average gem spenders dont stand a chance. 

Matchmaking and to much asencion points is what caused all of this. If you do this all trophy based you Will definetly loose all average spenders and despite what the heavy spenders say thats most of the income. 

Why not just give the heavy spenders the ability to buy trophies. That Will make them happy and in the top and the rest of us can play the game and enjoy it. 

I am not trying to cause a big argument here so keep it civil with responses but would like to have some feed back at the same time.

its not all about the money players, its the higher your lvl becomes the worser it get to gain trophies and keep them, there is only a downflow of trophies to lower lvls and no trophies go upwards, lvl 100 90’s 80’s most of them have no trophies left. lvl 60’ 70’s are most of them below average. if this system continue there will be no trophies left to win they all end up at lvl 20!

There is currently an inherent flaw in the game where lower levels can attack higher levels but higher levels cannot attack lower levels. This results in a net flow of trophies to lower levels. Some, but not all, lower levels are deliberately not advancing to take advantage of this flaw in the game. 

As crazy says its a matchmaking problem and I agree to that. 

I am delibretly not leveling because I know that I Will face fully buffed defences and troops defending how can that be taking advantage of a flaw? I am simply following My own strategy, should I be punishment for that? Once again its matchmaking not the low level player that is the problem.

I fight players over My level every day, at least 10 levels above and I get 3 trophies per battle

Yes, but the point is that you can take trophies off them but they can never take trophies from you.

I loose more trophies a day than I can win back but I agree higher levels seems to loose more so I am still in same ranking. 


Heavy gem spenders who have reached a high level do not have an advantage and that’s what we’re trying to say…

not sure how the update will turn out but having it trophy based is a good idea, if your at the top of the leaderboard you should be playing with high level players. Leaderboards should not be dominated by low levels. So basically your wanting full immunity from getting attacked by higher levels and be at the top? 

giving heavy spenders the ability to buy trophies is unnecessary and doesn’t solve anything

your post just seems like your wanting to keep the system the same and stay at a low level, and just let the high level players just buy trophies and lose them all within a couple days to lower levels

also you are intentionally staying at a low level and not proceeding in the game naturally, thus exploiting the system

Hi kimmizz, I figured I give you the point of view from what you call a heavy spender. First off buying trophies will not make me happy. I’ve spent enough money and wasted time on this game to be forced to the bottom of the ranking because of a flawed game. I personally think the best solution for flare is to give all of us so called heavy spenders or anyone that chooses our money back and either give us the option to leave or start from the bottom. Low level and high level players aren’t the problem its flare!!, they greatly underestimated the spending habits of some gamers. What we have is a huge split in lvl’s which I feel isn’t something they can fix by changing code and trying to patch this and that. What are they going to do with us there is only five players over lvl 100 not sure how many in the 90’s. Your right the major is the lower lvl’s  and they should reset by removing us and making the game harder to lvl with dollars so fast and it will give them time to expand the game play further. The other option is flare will keep trying to patch and update until enough players lvl up to the higher ranks to make it fun for us, how long will that take who knows with all the angry and pissed off players. If I was you stay lower lvl and ride this out, so you lose some trophies you can get that back, at least you didn’t waste a lot of money on this game and can’t even play because your maxed out and if you attack you lose 100’s of trophies. Your still ahead, us 100’s are screwed period!!!

Making trophys available to buy wasnt ment serious. I do also want a change in match making but just saying that I should not be punished for what went wrong earlier. 

Jttn: I so get your reasoning and agree on most of it. I would also be pissed off. 


No worries kimmizz, its all good. 

If the ranking system would change from trophies to level, nobody of the higher levels would ever complain again that they have not enough advantages. It would stop players like the whovians or the young guns playing the game wrong, because I believe it has no meaning in staying lvl 30 forever only to be top ranked. What do you get by being 1st? Not much, and the approach to end this has gone a really wrong way, because of a few players, a massive gold cap happened to hall of fame reward and the price of the green chests exploded. There could be another way to solve this, something like penalty xp, if you stay a certain time without upgrading anything you get xp/lvl’s, in that way low level/high trophie players would be forced to advance in the game and it would be more stable. Combine that with general activity, of course somebody that is totally inactive and hasnt logged in for days should’t get that penalty xp. 
But not only these low level/high trophie players are playing the game wrong, every game has it’s strategy, this game has one too, and these complaints that every high level player should automatically have more trophies than a lower level player is just wrong. There are 2 reasons for that, for example a level 50 player can have a stronger mountain than a level 65 player, if the level 65 player has upgraded everything (gained much xp) and the level 50 player only the things that he needed (gained less xp), he will of course have a stronger mountain, and therefore the level 65 player shouldnt complain that he has lower trophies than the level 50 player. The second reason is activity, it’s only fair that somebody who attacks more, gains more trophies, if someone sits on his mountain and makes only 3 attacks per day and someone else is doing 20, I believe its only fair that the second dude is having more trohpies. 
@Jttn you and a few others are an exception of all this, you are so high that you don’t have competition and it’s a more complex problem up there. 

having better towers, troops, etc is a part of being a high level, it’s like that in every game. The higher the level - typically the stronger they are. I wouldn’t even call it an advantage since we can’t really attack lower levels… If we could attack lower levels then yes I would consider it one. So high levels asking for advantages is not what you think it is. We hardly have any, just disadvantages when it comes to ranking

What I wrote is easy to understand, if the game hadn’t a strategy then there would be a fixed trophie count depending on your level, obviously it isn’t. Higher Level players have problems, I’m not saying something different, especially the gold cap is hurting. But not every player that is higher level than others deserves more trophies than these, you said it by yourself, usually you have better towers troops etc, but if you have a maxed library, gold temple etc. that is not helping you in defense or attack and you are not better than someone lower that has not maxed these buildings.  

Tzogos, there is one thing flare could do and that’s stop awarding cups for raids (give them gold bonus or make it a random reward between ambro, books and cups) lower lvl players know they can’t make it to Apollo wall on a much higher lvl player (that’s changed sense last update, flare made it so more players have a chance in raids) but if they can get a one key or even two key they will still get more cups than I could get for a complete attack. A difference of 3 to 15 cups, 3 being what I get for a complete attack and 15 what they get for a raid which they can do constantly if they have the resources. That makes it even a worse cup difference. They are allowed to do that over and over because they don’t take the island. Why is that wrong because I don’t have the same privilege, I’m penalized for being lvl 101. If I only get a raid, I get negative trophies and I only get 3 trophy rewards against everyone. That doesn’t happen but it’s still not a level playing field for all. That one thing would stop the slide of trophies downward because no longer can they get cups for raids, only complete attacks and make players upgrade to move up in the ranks. I usually attack on a daily bases in the 100’s of times only getting 3 cups per attack (today was probably the first time I didn’t attack that much because after the update I realized it doesn’t matter anymore), am I reward for that effort? No, lower lvl’s can constantly raid me over night and I’ll lose all those cups and more. That’s wrong and it needs to be change.

Intentionally staying at a low level to farm high levels is not a strategy but exploitation of a system flaw

equipping heroes with the right gear, carefully planning ambro trips, using different layouts of troops and defense, etc - that is a strategy 

having a higher level gold and wisdom storage makes sense since the upgrades at higher levels cost waaaay more. We wouldn’t be able to hold enough res and advance if we didn’t upgrade it. The amount of gold and wisdom you gain from temples is laughable even at higher levels, I stopped upgrading them. It’s not an advantage nor would I consider this a disadvantage

im ok with lower levels in the leaderboards but they should be playing with the best/active players to be high ranked. If a level 30 can take out jttn and other high level very active players then all the more power to him. And yes I agree with you that if high levels don’t attack then they should fall in rank.

all in all it’s just my opinion, I agree with you on some points and disagree on others. It’s all good ??

Jttn as I’ve said, your matter is a different one and you are wrong about the raids in general. The system does not award more trophies only for a high level enemy, it’s a combination with trophies. And these top ranked low level players are getting also only 3 trophies on a win and negative on a loss because they have more trophies than everybody else, they can’t raid someone, they just win over and over new enemies. Since the update I’ve also not got more than 3 trophies per win.

Simply make it that anyone lower than you on the trophy list but higher in ascension level can attack you.