low madel can't win league...

can’t win too much medal to win the diamond league… How can I win? Any suggestions? Please help me.

Advance in the game is the best option, if you ever become a high or top player you’ll get a lot more medals.

not so high player level 79 now… From which level can I get a good quantity of medal??? I want to win the diamond league bt I can’t… Is any process to earn lot of medal and what is about bonus??? Please help me…

Well, I’m level 102 and I still can’t get a very high amount of medals, this seems to work for top players only :slightly_frowning_face:  

Try to fight with players higher then U and without alli. They dont have boosts and even when U dont raid them 100% it brings a lot more medals then “normal” ride

thank you ukikotek…

You didn’t know it back then (obviously), but i can tell you: Your best chance to win the diamond league is at around 50+
and then again at 95-100+ (depending on your alliance boosts). Between 70-90 it’s almost impossible.
I won my first diamond league around level 50 and my 2nd at around 100 (currently 104). i have only “lowish” boosts
(that means no ogre, wolf, monk …) but in a medium size alliance these are too expensive to maintain.
Currenly i’m able to find targets, that give me 400-500 medals. The top guys can get 1000+. If such a player is in my league
(competing), then i have no chance and don’t even try to win.

Try to search players with trophies 200-300 more than ur current trophy. …u will get 300-400 medal


I wanna ask about medals that after what level or trophies we will get easily 700-900 medals…

That’s a long way: you have to be able to beat fully boosted bases in the 4500 - 5000 trophy range
to get 500 - 1000 medals per raid. A huge impact are your own boosts: you need plenty of them to
be able to beat these bases :grinning:

I just won the diamond league today for 1st time with 30 k medals 

Congrats, i won Diamond two weeks ago, but it required 100k so your win was very low priced luckily :slight_smile: