Low medals when I attack

I wanted some help. Whenever I decide to attack, I only get choices which give me only 29 medals. This is really frustrating, Please tell me why is this happening.

Another “expired boost, rapid fall of trophies” problem? :slight_smile:

When your number of trophies drops dramatically, attack give you a few medals.

When the drop stop - about a day will be the normal amount of medals.

My friend its been for more than a Week. I dont know what has happened, even after selecting the option to fight a different opponent, its all 29 medal opponents

I have the same problem. I’m being matched with opponents having only 29 medals 95% of the time.

the moment my sonic blast level 6 upgrade was complete, almost all opponents have only 29 medals. Some of them cannot be defeated without spells (using gems or pearls). What can i do now?

Increase your trophies to avoid to see only 29 medals from opponents and upgrade your spells and troops to defeat any bases =)