low skull level difficulty

Please check the difficulty of low level odysseys.  I’m doing a level 6 (granted is with Ajax) which seems as difficult as a level 10 or 11 which I normally do with other heroes.  I’ll admit my Ajax is fairly weak, but even so, the difficulty is pretty ridiculous for a level 6.

Have you leveled up recently a few levels?

Is the difficulty that you die often? Or not enough time?

Remember the layout in Odyssey are random. you can do one Odyssey and be able to do a level 7 so easily and the next one the next week struggle to do a level 4 difficulty. Because the Boost,the fame,the layout are random. If you have gain a lots of fame and up in ascension level its possible to face really hard base

the majority of time I do 5 and 6 but 2 week ago I have face a level 4 difficulty really hard like a difficulty 7. I have spend a lots of gems to pass them

So at the end you never know what kind of base you will face each week

So make sure all your heroes have Legendary or Titan items and your power and units are high enough. So if you face a really hard base you can still beat it by use defense stance. Physphoros (6 gems) and rush to the gate and win