Lower crystal cost on items!

The sanzu set and other sets cost too much! Please make the cost lower flare!

I agree that they are a bit expensive, however, there are only 2 maybe 3 really great items that are worth getting for anything other than looks

When pro items cost more than phoebe, I rather buy an extra phoebe with intention to donate it to the team. At least the team benefits permanent from that.

Prices over 20k crystals for items, really are a little bit over the top, especially when those items won’t be raid winners or improve your raid ability a lot. When an item indeed gives a great advantage or saves you plenty of pearls (hint, the skull perked ones in case you have outdated items), it could be worth the price.

I nowadays only look for improving my current skull or combat gear. When an item really has better stats or perks I am interested, otherwise I am not. One item of that samurai set would improve scream of my combat gear (make it 100%, while morale stays same), that one I might be interested in. If it really improves my wardrobe, it might be worth it, but still I might not buy it.  

That special pro items cost more than average I understand, but for non special items I think the prices are indeed a little bit steep. On the other hand, we now can pick out the set of all pro items, which one we are interested in. In the past we only had a limited set. And most important, nobody forces us to buy such an expensive item, so when you think the price is too high, act like in normal life. Don’t buy it and either spend your crystals on something else or keep them. 

Don’t worth it waste your pro on items over 20k. Today after receive my Conquest rewards. I had 18k pro crystal and decided to buy 7 chests. The info said we have only 0.6% to find a pro item in chest. Maybe a mistake in % somewhere. I open the 7 and got 7 Pro items. 100% rate. Weird but I am happy. Fantastic items with gold perk and I got many items with over 20k value like Harko’s Trap with Petrify chance. Really awesome to be able to petrify Ogres,Viking,Necro and others. I have also got the other glove with intimidation,etc…

So if you have a lots of crystal you can buy the Pro chests if you are lucky you can find fantastic Pro items. If your luck its huge maybe you can find Sanzu piece in it

Flare added a feature where there is automatically at least one Pro Item in all Pro Chests. There is a 100% chance to find a Pro Item in a chest, however, there is an 0.6% chance to get another Pro Item that wasn’t guaranteed. The stats are correct

Thank you. I have miss this information somewhere. Good to know

I get all pro items when I open, is it my luck? This is from all the chests I have opened till now.

No, you don’t. You get all Pro Rewards, is what you mean. Pro Items would mean that you received a piece of equipment from the store, in a chest

Oh, sorry! I meant rewards. Well, really, I got maximum 3 pro items, when I participated in Ursa Cup.