Lower prices!


I would like to contribute financially to help Flaregames continue the development and keep the attention on the dynamics of this game.

A coffee in my city in Sicily costs € 0.80 so I would feel like investing a few euros every once in a while for my fun rewarding the editors of Olimpus Rising.

But to do this I should find it convenient. I spent money only once and a long time ago only to unlock extra donations for my alliance.

It’s too easy to earn gems in this game and an experienced player manages to make thousands of gems every war and hundreds every day

by opening the boxes resulting from the vision of advertising.

Something does not work.

Flaregames was good at attracting RR2 players with smart offers and innovations. Nothing in Olimpus Rising.

Lower prices then and make continuous promotions and many players will be encouraged to make some more purchases to open Titan chests or speed up something or force long missions.

First of all I would be inclined to spend some money.

Invent another currency to buy something new and accessible only with enormous sacrifice.

You did it in RR2 with pearls, various beasts, special equipment.

And let’s go !!!

To start with, lower prices because gems have little value considering the fact that you often give 5000. ?

I would love to see more promotions. 

I am also tempted to start spending again, but the deals aren’t really lucrative imho… 14k gems for 50-60 euro is too much in my opinion. And that is on offer. That should be the normal price in my opinion, I don’t know anyone in my alliance that buys the packs without a pink offer.

Gems don’t offer any advantage in the game… mostly to finish up construction and forging. Its too expensive to use for example 3-4k gems to fill up resources. But if the price of 3-4k gems was a euro, I would do it in a snap instead of waiting for 4 days to fill them both up (without raids). That would mean 10 euro for 40k gems. you can keep the “euro values” but increase the gems given…

Guys I think nobody inform you that the prize its not OR team who set it but more about your device. in Royal Revolt 2 we have ask the question many times and the answer was the price depend of your device your play on

If you play on PC its possible the price is lower than if you play on Android or Windows Phone,etc…Because Microsoft have their own price,Apple and so on…

On Windows PC can be 128.99$ for the last one

on Ipad can be 139.99$ for the last one

on Android can be 149.99$ for the last one

and so on…

the price up or down depending the device you use. Same principe than RR2. I can play on Windows and got the big one for over 159$ and on Ipad for over 200$. The price can change at any moment depending the device your are on.

Same the number of extra dominance change depending the device

Yes, there are different prices, we are not talking about that. It doesnt mean that the range is not dictated from FG. No one can force me to sell something 200$ if its 10$. That would be ridiculous. 

Unless there is a device outhere, thats offers the gem packs MUCH cheaper than current prices mentioned…

So further to that, if the current range is 150-200$ for example, in my opinion it could be from 50-80$. 14k gems worth 50$ and possibly 30$ with a deal, I would buy now. Twice.