Lower the % chance of getting Pearls and Pal Food in Pro Chests

as we all know, getting Pearls in any chest can be a major disappointment, especially if you get 3+ rewards of them. In my opinion, I love opening Pro Chests, but hate seeing all but five of the rewards (in 4 Pro Chests, which is still a high amount of other rewards) be other than Pearls or Pal Food. My suggestion is simple, give us a better chance of rewards in Pro Chests, instead of getting disappointment after disappointment

One more thing, actually. GET RID OF UBER ITEMS IN PRO CHESTS! This is dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. While I was opening 2 of my 4 chests, I came across the shoulder pads named “Tacticians Shoulders” and I sold it, cause it sucked lol. In the next chest (which was 3 rewards later) I earned the EXACT same Uber Item. It is unacceptable to even have that reward be a Uber Item at all, but to have it be the EXACT item I got 3 rewards beforehand. The rewards system needs to be fixed, and it needs to be fixed FAST 

Agree with you. I get so many times in 2 prochests only food and pearls. I don’t want to pay anymore 750 gems for this shitty rewards. People will quit playing proleague if always they get only pearls and food @GalaMorgane

And other good propose for Flaregames is to sell prochests with gems because many players dont have skill to play proleague and gather cristals to buy prochests or items pro. So good idea will be to sell prochests with gems beside only cristals. @GalaMorgane

For me I do not recall food in those chests but there was treats for pals and pearls.

I like the pearls and Pal treats been saving for a rainy day of damnation. But there could be more surprises in those chest or any for that matter. I just got done with ninja joke and my final uber chest produced a mere 50+ pearls as uber. Sucked but hey what can you do.

Uber chests are a joke right now. Im using them just for melt

Yeah !  There should be Pro  Crystals, Items, Chance of Pro Ticket, Diamonds  Pearls & Pal Treats .

Then Pro-League would be Awesome  !

See about Improvement of Pro Pal Shop in link given below  :-



Like the name say it Pro chest should give : Pro crystal,Pro Gems,Pro items and maybe Uber items,etc… the rest treats,pearls,voucher don’t need it.

The higher your rating, the better the rewards


for me the rewards were good! there was a ticket and blue things and crystals. 1800+


Pro chests shouldn’t contain uber items. Every pro chest should include at least 1 pro gear(except for the bought ones). It doesn’t make sense to play the PL without getting any pro gear. You open 3 chests and you don’t get a single pro gear? It’s just wasted time. If the rewards in those chests are so bad, at least change the shop more frequently to get some pro gear

I can’t confirm that. I have finished top 10 multiple times, always top 100 in the monthly leaderboard, top 100 weekly more often than not, but still my rewards were crappy most of the time. Doesn’t make sense to finish top 10 or whatever and get worse rewards than someone that only gets one chest

This is my favorite order list rewards from pro chest:

  1. pro ticket
  2. pro item
  3. pro crystals
  4. pro pearls
  5. pro gems
  6. pro pal treats
  7. uber item


I edited your post for you lol. Don’t add the Uber Item to the list…nobody likes the Uber Items from the chests

It got number 7 (edited ver.) so it’s my least favorite rewards. LOL

this prove Flare cannot please everyone we have all different preference about Pro Chest for me

1.Pro item

2.Pro ticket

3.Pro Crystals

4.Pro Gems

5.Pro Pearls

6.Uber item

7.Pro pal treats

3 different preference from 3 person. If everyone do the same we will have a lots of more different preference. I agree Pro chest should give at least 35%-45% chance for a Pro item. Maybe 1 Pro item for each 2 chest maybe sound fair

My tuppence opinion if I may regarding the rewards we get from Pro-Chest:

If Flare decides to continue giving out the majority of the rewards from Pro-Chest as Pro-Pearls or Pro-Pal Treats, then suggest to increase it to no less than 1000 of each. Averagely, let it range between 1000 to 1500 Pearls/Pal Treats. This means a Pro-Chest can yield between 6000 to 9000 Pearls and/or Pal Treats if all are Pearls and/or Pal Treats. This will be good for the players. And to make it full of anticipation, throw in a chance for everyone to earn a 100,000 Pearls/Pal Treats (this will be very rare of course). If that player is super lucky, he/she can get that 100K Pearls/Pal Treats more than once in a single Pro-Chest!

If Flare decides to continue giving out the same amount of Pearls or Pal Treats as now, that is between 500 to less than 1000, then give the players an option to choose to convert it on the spot to Pro-Crystal if they don’t want Pearls/Pal Treats. The conversion rate is up to Flare to decide but make it fair. 

And Flare, please remove the uber item completely off the Pro-Chest. It is a joke to have an Uber Item in a Pro-Chest. This is PRO-Chest, so everything in it should be PRO - keep the PRO standard up, don’t tarnish it with a Uber in it. You can replace the chance to get an Uber Item with a PRO Item or a PRO Gems or a PRO Ticket.   

Is there any chance to get a random Pro Pal in Pro Chest? if not, Flare, why don’t you throw this in the Pro-Chest as well. Of course, the chances to get is very rare.

Flare, you need to make Pro-Chest full of excitement and anticipations. Don’t make it boring - getting low numbers of pearls/pal treats every time we open up Pro-Chest. Keep the interest going. Otherwise, as time passes, you will see lesser and lesser people joining Pro League.

Also, the Pro-Shop is very small - 9 slots only with one occupied by the Pro-Chests, meaning at any given time, there is 6 Pro-Items and 2 Pro Pals for sale. Flare, why don’t you remove the lady on the left (my apologies I do not know her name) and expand the Pro-Shop to additional 9 slots, making it a total of 18 slots? If you still want to keep the lady, there is still room to add in 3 more slots in the Pro-Shop.

Also, with the refresh of Pro-League scoreboard every month, it is only fair that the Pro-Shop is refreshed as well. Suggestion to Flare is to refresh the Pro-Shop once every month with the start of a new leaderboard.

What say you Flare?

or a weekly change of store.

2 bad we can only like something 1 time. I was pounding away at key board.

After the end of “Beast cup”, I spent 7500 pro crystals to buy 3 pro chests hoping to find pro items, but I found only pal food and pearls.