LTF WELL ORGANIZED English speaking team


I have Line app and looking to join a well organized English speaking team. I play frequently and think its time for me to join a group that is better established. Looking for a group that plans attacks; especially those last minute defense/offensive SURPRISE strikes. 

My main account is level 71 with close to 3500 trophies.  My secondary account is level 60 with 2500 trophies.

Both of my accounts have 3 heroes for war. My line app name is Spydar71, just like in game. 


Join my new clan THE_APOCALIPSIS

Try #ADN  you will be warmly welcome  :wink:

we are an international alliance , very stable and active

we are looking for new active members (if possible outside Europe for a better strategy )


War Lordz is looking for active players. We are ranked 97 right now. We have at least 6 blessings activated 24/7 and we also use LINE app.