Luck items bug


i have 4 luck items: 

armor +9,30%

weapon +10,98%

gloves +9,62%

boots +10,72%


It should be 40,62%, but in the stats it say only 34,85%


In game name: Sep2wuninstallo



Actually it now shows the correct value of 34.85%. The previous display of 40.62% was incorrect. See bug report and discussion in this topic:

In your case, your luck perk combines to the real value of: 1-(1-0.0930)*(1-0.1098)*(1-0.0962)*(1-0.1072) = 0.3485 = 34.85%


What`s still unclear is the additional percentage of the pro-items.

You’re right, pro bonus’ luck contribution was not mentioned in Lisa’s post, because at that time, no such pro bonus existed. However, it can be assumed that it is combined using the same formula as any other individual luck perk. Confirmed is, that the individual pro-bonus luck perks are combined using the same formula. This can be seen in the hero stats panel. It’s just a little bit poorly designed that the panel gives item and pro-bonus as two separate values, and that the user then still has to combine manually using p=1-(1-pitem)*(1-ppro bonus).