Luck perk explanation

Hi Flaregame’s staff, 

Many of us would like to know how luck perk works. Can you give us clarification about this perk?

Thank you in advance

i have luck perk but it didn’t work… Sometime 4-5 times in a row failed to get first COF box… Others forget


The fun thing about the lucky perk is that you re never lucky enough to know if it worked or not…

let s say you have a 30 procent chance in finding the right cof

I presume that with a luck perk of 10 procent, you have 33 procent chance of finding the right cof… Or to say it in dev language : a 67 % fail opportunity

You open 20 chests, you miss 10, now with 10% luck perk, you will only miss 9, that how it work i guess

But you’re opening 20 chests, and 10% of 20 is 2, so you should fail 8. But maybe that 10% means “less failure” so indeed you’ll still miss 9, we don’t know how that perk works…

I have 30% of luck perk,

in the case is 30% to take good chests i’ll only miss 4 (20 * (0,5 + 0,3)),

in the case is 30% less faillure i’ll only miss 7 (20 * (0,5 - (0,5 * 0,3)))

this explanation is for 20 chests, how to explaon the change to get the first, the second and the third chest in the CoF?


We don’t know how any perk works…

To me, the luck perk is the most complicate perk ever in the game.

i wonder what happen if i forge my luck perk to 100%, is that possible?

i think you can go around 65%-70% of luck not more

Why do you think that?

because until now i saw max 5 items where you can have luck perk (armor, guantlets, belt, ring, shoes) and each with a luck perk of 13% (almost max) you arrive at 65% 

I don t believe you should add your luck perk advantage as an absolute percentage.

when looking at towers etc , the percentage is always taken on the original value

meaning : lets suppose you have a 1/2 chance on opening first chest : 50 procent

a luck perk of 10 procent, would make that a 55 procent chance (and not 60)

I don’t know why, but whenever I start using my two luck perks, I’ve noticed that my luck is worse in the first raids, but then it progressively gets better until it’s not that rare to get all 3 chests.

i used to have 2 items with a combined 22% luck perk. On opening war cofs, I got on average 7 out of 10 times the skulls on first opening (I never pay diamonds to open after fail)

so then  got some uber items and now use 0% luck perk, and I get an average of 5 out of 10 finding skulls after first opening

So, I did notice the perk has an effect


I dont know how it works but I really recommend using luck perk.Been using 40%+ to farm CoF when I have easy league and its a good way to get many pearls as the third chest give 50-100 pearls and I got all three chest correct quite often.You also get tons of gears to melt.

Yeah, I can get 15% luck perk. In the beginning it seems my luck just got worse, but after some more games I can get third chest not that rarely. It looks like luck perk got a bit useful.

I have 5.7% luck perk and I’m always lucky :slight_smile: I can easly open 10 or 12 chests from 20 I think its flare games Algorithms and batter to find some patterns:)