Luck perk shit

if I set 16% luck bonus - most of times, cannot get first chest - almost always miss



Developers! Something wrong here!


You yourself are confused, trying to fool us :slightly_frowning_face:

This has happened to me too, I have almost 8% Luck Perk and I miss the first chest more than ever, and with “more” I mean “almost all the freaking time”.

I think the algorithm for CoF is weird because the function of the perk and some percentages that the devs share seem to contradict other actions there

I have only missed the first chest a few times (5-10 maybe)? But I only get the second chest about 50% of the time and rarely the third. I’ve been in the CoF about 100-125 times only, though (not sure about you guys). I don’t have a luck perk. My trick is to always go top right first :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it really just comes down to what the perk is called. Luck.

It does not matter where you click


your choice does not mean anything


there is a percentage of guessing chests, and it is not something that according to statistics. all rigged


Developers fool all of us


It was proofed long time ago

I actually agree, if i remove the luck perks i find that I am able to get atleast 2 chests properly in a CoF’s after a few battles…


The dev’s really needs to look at this…

The top right thing was a joke. It is all luck. But if you calculate the stuff, the numbers aren’t that hard. The first chest you pick you have a 3/6 (50%) chance of getting. 8 percent makes pretty much no difference whatsoever. The chance of getting the first chest if basically like flipping a coin. It shouldn’t be rigged against you. After all, that’s often what the loser of a bet says :stuck_out_tongue:


BTW you should prob never go to Vegas.

I have lvl 105 belt, forge to uber and got luck perk. Its only 4.1% luck! Wtf!

The god of random doesn’t like you!

Item level and or king level seem to do very little. You need luck to get a decent perk and then you need luck again to not get a totally useless value on the perk…

Say thanks to flare for putting random crap in the game :confused:

I got a 3.2% luck perk after removing a very unwanted xo boost (which seems to love me ALOT)

I have 22% luck perk total. I thought the first chest was always 70% probable (that was how often you’d get skulls in the first chest, according to Flare). That would make my total 92%. But I miss the first chest about 30% of the time, but get all three chests more frequently than before. Strange.

I still don’t have the “luck” to find the “Luck Perk” but… according of what i’m reading seems that they forgot to write “bad” afore word “luck”  :lol:

mss73 is right, that’s what I can infer from that Luck perk and the supposed 75% chance to get the first chest right, it doesn’t matter the chest you choose, the probabilities are always the same for everyone (supposedly), but they make it apper like prizes were distributed in the chest beforehand by making you “find the right chests”, and also when they open all the chests in the end of CoF and suggest those were the positions in which all the stuff was all of that time…

Chests are a sophisticated scam.

My opinion:

  1. It doesn’t matter which of them you tap. They will show prizes by a certain algorithm.

  2. The prizes location is not determined ahead.


Interesting to reveal what random data does this algorithm relies on.

Me too but mine only 11.6%

Huh I didn’t know the chance of the first chest was 75%. But I kinda doubt it because if you had a 25% luck perk (I think its possible? Maybe not?) then you would have 100% of getting the first chest. I don’t think you would be able to get the first chance 100% of the time. Also, if you are able to get a 26% luck perk, you would have 101% of getting the first chest, which would probably not be possible either. But I could be wrong. I am in the early game stages rn so I wouldn’t know.

Returning to this luck perk problem…and if the Luck is shared in all the 3 chests ? So if you have 20% luck perk you’ll have 20/3= 6.6% only on the first chest then 6,6 in the second and so on? Could be? Just a thought… ^^

Oooooh interesting idea. Or its a percent increase? like 50%*1.20 which would be 60%? and then percent increase for the others as well?

That’s what I talking about. There is no statistics (by observations 75% instead of 3/6, and prize not connected to certain chest). Just weird algorithm. That is even more broken with luck perk.

I have 24% luck together on 3 items now. It does help on 2nd and 3rd chest but I fail just as much or even more on the 1st chest. Wish we could get some official input on how it actually works…

I trying to collect stats with 17% bonus. Still not much. Need at least 100 “measures” :slight_smile: