Luck perk. why do you never explain?

Why is it so hard to give us information on how this perk actually works?

Is the % added to the Base % of opening? Or does a 10% actually mean a random number that no one understands like the spell and unit perk values?

I have 29% now and I very often fail at even the first chest. So if it’s added chance the Base chance of opening first must be below 61% if that’s the case.

Or does 29% actually mean 5% in yur weird way of handling numbers on perks? I spend gems and pearls for this so I’m basicly I buying a product that you can’t explain?

This is the problem,is not that a am not using blacksmith,but why spend so much real and game currency,to buy the perks whose function nobody understood,this way devs are not concern with rectifying the problem,because hate or love ,at the end of the days you are going to log in and play the game.

im lvl 94 and got around 16% luck, after war battle i can open the first chest with the percent about 80% to find a skull, but in normal case opening the first chest made about 50%. So how much luck should i have to open like 8 from 10 first chest?

Really odd how they introduce a perk that they cant even explain themselves…

There has been several topics about this subject and the official response was “The luck perk increases your chance in COF chamber” Well thats what the info says in game also…


But how does it work? Is it useful or is it as completely useless as lifedrain perk? Since there is huge gaps between the value of perks it would be very nice to know.


We cant even rely on the number they provide in the perk since the number can mean something completely different which is the case for spell and unit perks… Which also has several threads, why cant you just put in the actual number value that the perk adds instead of a random high number that has no obvious connection to what we actually get.

The devs made a topic explaining how Skull Perk works, we need something like that for the Luck Perk!!!

Yeah thats exactly what im hoping for and trying to get