Luck perk

I’m facing some situations after beating an opponent. With pro bonus and equipments, i have now 83% on luck perk, but it seems not to work since wednesday. The usual is 1 successful chest opened. Is there anything wrong with the perk?

That question we asked already a couple of times, still no answer.

We even feel that failure rate on first chest is way too high. It seems to be at least double as high as what flare told us. More strange is that after reconnection the first or second raid most times results in failure on first chest, unless we go to the wardrobe, check the percentage and wait for several seconds first. 

If we don’t do this, it feels like we wear no luck at all. 

what is pro bonus. I have ares ring , when i equip it it shows prow bonus 1/10. What is it.How it helps in war.


Each pro item/pal you equip gives you 1 pro bonus, so the max possible is 10 pro bonuses.

Each pro bonus gives you an extra 3% gold, 3% xp, 2% luck, 1% medal boost.

It helps in wars with the luck bonus, you open skull chest more often. And pro items have better stats than ubers

I am about to sell my ares ring as it has not good perks , only xp perk an it is giving 1900k (19 lakhs). But i then thought to sell it later but now i drop this idea. I will keep it . Thanks for information.