Luck values confusion

I’ve been using luck gear just recently, so sorry if I’m not too used to this.

So, here is the deal:

I had roughly 40% total luck value with my gear, when I switched this belt:

To this one:


As a normal person would expect. my luck value should have increased from 40%… to 40%+34%= 74%.

But no, something strange happened:

Screenshot (596).jpg


According to the descriptions, it says my luck value is 59% instead of my expected value of at least 74%!

I have several questions, since most of these values seem to make no sense at all:

  • Where is the 59% value coming from?
  • Why is the value of 82% in parentheses, since it seems to be my real luck value?
  • Why is my “strange” 59,23% + 9,61% (from pro-gear) totaling 63,14% instead of 68,84%?

And to finalize…

What is my  REAL  luck value?

Thanks in advance.

PS: I created this post in “Players helping Players” because I need some help with this, but I have no idea if this may be a bug or not.


Oh, I see how it works.

Thanks a lot for the help @mss73!

This is making a lot more sense now! :slight_smile: