Lucky Perks bug?

Anyone else having this problem?

Not sure if the perks are not working right or if it’s just a visual bug but it’s not showing the correct value for the total lucky perks bonus.

In the screenshots I equipped 108,52% lucky bonus, just to test it, but the king’s status screen shows only 68,99% 

The value was recalculated to max 100% a while ago during an update (only visual change):


that topic says:

  •  Fixed the display of combined Luck Perk values

But its showing wrong values again. Evertime I equip more than one lucky perk item, or even only the double lucky perked belt, the stats doesn’t show the correct value for the combined perks


Each item has an individual luck % value.

The TOTAL luck % is not the sum of all individual values. Instead, it’s calculated with a formula, which is NOW being correctly shown.

There’s a topic somewhere with the formula.

And that’s somehow an excuse.

You’re saying: No, it’s right 2 + 2 just doesn’t equal 4? 

It’s just lazy…

On the Ninja screen they’ve had what…  a Year to change the word Resistance to Weakness.

I’d say it’s starting to get embarrassing if it weren’t embarrassing day one.

And yes, @Blackout, I have this problem big time!

The value shown was previously wrong, and was fixed with the update. Now it is correct. See:


It’s working fine like that, if you do the maths:

1-1*(1-0.1679)*(1-0.1387)*(1-0.0989)*(1-0.1387)*(1-0.093)*(1-0.1686)*(1-0.1686)*(1-0.1108) = 0.6899

If you have more doubts check this:

Now It’s shows the real percentage instead of the sum of the perks. And I think it’s more realistic as it works now because before it may seem as if you have more than 100% you should always get the three chests when it’s not working like that.

I’ll repeat: the displayed total luck % is NOW correct according to the formula; it wasn’t correct before.

Take a look at the formula. It’s not a simple sum of all the individual luck % values of your items.

This is not that complicated, math wise.

This literally means 20%+20% does not equal 40% luck!

How is this okay to you? 

You are fine with 20% + 20% not equal 40% because if you happen to browse through this entire forum looking for some random post, you might eventually find the post that explains that 20% + 20% doesn’t equal 40%! 

I wouldn’t be okay with it if they posted it in lights on the Vegas Boulevard. 

20% + 20% just equals 40%! 

Fix the d@mn game!  It’s not like we pay them just to do their jobs!

You guys are so accepting of pretty much anything.

I wish I was the conman working your neighborhoods.

Honestly, you seem to be to focused on your pov. 

If it was simple addition then yes, but that’s not how this works.

If for instance your base is 50% and you increase that Value by another 50% you would not get 100%. It’s 75%.

The Key word is BY. That’s how  Probability works.

Saying it is misleading and confusing or that is wrong are two very different Things.

The math behind it is Logical and correct. Saying that it is wrong just because you can’t get behind the reasoning is childish. The Formula has been provided. It’s your choice if you want to accept it, but don’t say it’s wrong as it clearly isn’t.


I just wish I was selling you wooden nickles…

Oh, no that’s not how it works with my special nickles…

If that’s how it is then maybe flare should make the perk descriptions less confusing. Can’t a perk increase by an easily decipherable amount instead of all these formulas? Why can’t I just know that my stat increases by X with this item instead of having to pull out a calculator for everything?

(this is more about damage/troop perks but the fact that you need a wiki to know what these numbers even mean proves flare has miserably failed in the clarity of information department)

I used to say when can’t the “Attack Power” Perk or whatever it is…  Just be a percent…  Now that I see these percents…  WHY CAN’T FLARE JUST BE A DECENT COMPANY?

What the formula does is to “penalise” you for each additional luck perk that you have.

If you only have 1 luck perk, then your total luck % will be the same as that item.

If you have 2 luck perks, you’ll take a hit. And so on…


And yes, Flare should have it’s dedicated website with all this information, but the reality is that most games don’t have such thing (or even if they do, it’s surely not as good as it’s wikia fan page).

I get that but it’s still counterintuitive. Maybe the game should somehow show the actual increase in luck for items before you put them on or something.

Well not really a website, more like have all this info within the game (tool tips?). And the fact that most games don’t have this is no excuse. “Most games suck so our game must also suck, gotta stick with the pack, m8”? :stuck_out_tongue:

But it is not how percentage works, it is not and addition. If you increase 100 by 20% it becomes 120 and if we increase it again a 20% you get 144 not 140 … And the same when subtracting, If you have 100 something and we decrease it 20% yo have 80 but if you decrease it again 20% you will have 64 not 60… The items don’t apply all at once the apply one by one… Again if it would have worked as you say when you have 100% you will always have opened all the three chests.

And again you have all the formulas and how they are applied here:

For me at least it better now that we can see the real percentage that it’s applying than before, because they have not changed the way it works they just update the information to be more clear. I can see how someone could prefer to have 110% in the stats screen while they are still failing to open some chests.

No one would prefer that and it’s what triggered the luck bug discussions in the first place.

I have a different question (not sure if it’s in the wiki, it doesn’t work right in my phone for some reason): in what order are the perks calculated? From head down to boots or is there also a formula for which items are calculated before those calculated after?

Due to the wonders of mathematics, the order of multiplications does not matter.  :slight_smile:

No, it means you do not understand the formula. You do not add the perks together, but multiply each by the current odds odds opening a chest to find an item. 

So your first perk increases your chances by x% to have new odds. 

Then the secind perk is taken is a percentage of the odds after the first perk is calculated. 

Then the third perk of the new odds, etc. for as many perks as you have. 

Nerds like clarity.  There’s nothing clear about how this works!  I still haven’t found the legendary post explaining this formula!  And I’m very active on this forum!

And normal people like simplicity, normal people add numbers when they get two items. 

I don’t think this satisfied either the normal people or the nerds. 

What Flare really needs it more transparency. 

And honestly, this is only the most minor of the problems. 

The dumb @ss attack power and toughness values are ridiculous! 

They couldn’t have just made that a +% damage?

I’m done talking about this because I’m fundamentally not upset with this.  It is true compounding is a reasonable way to “add” percents.  I’m upset with the continual lack of clarity. 

As I stated I’d much rather have them fix the attack power and toughness jack@ssery!