Lucky perks value down

I have 6 lucky item. But some how my value looking low value.Just look pictures  guys.


Normally i have %(98.96) luck but when i update game 3.8.1 my lucky only %(65.63) please  fix it soon !! PLEASE FIX VERY SOON ! @FTB i belive  you flothaboss fix this…

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You can find the most recent topic about this here:


So this is bug or normal ? I really  dont understand. Tell me clearly. I mean this value gonna fix or stay like this ?

It’s not a bug. They just changed the displayed Value to the real one, which is used in the Formula. Now you don’t have to do the math yourself anymore.

If you still don’t understand it, I highly recommend you to read the thread about luck perk calculation.

I highly recommend they read a math book!  20% + 20% does in fact equal 40%!

: ) this is so stupid. I was trying  get all lucky perks reach %100  but now doesn’t matter anymore… with lucky perks i open only 1 or 2 chest :slight_smile: so i mean lucky perks don’t  important  anymore. I really  can’t  believe  this is happen. So bad so bad…

I give a lot time for this and now they changed again again again always  doing same thing. God dammit

Just tell me now. How come i open 3/3 chest ? Never ?

You never seem to try to reason with a pov that doesn’t Support yours it seems.

Just because you can’t understand that it is not simple addition makes you think it’s wrong, when in fact it never was stated that the percentage Simply Added on top of the base Value.

There are only two options. It’s either Added on top of the base Value or the base value is increased by a said percentage.

As the developers already gave us the answer, I fail to see your point. Yes it may be confusing and made unnessecarily complicated, nur it certainly is not wrong.

It’s not the fault of the developers that you don’t seem to understand it.

This way of using probabilities is extremely common.

For instance, if your yearly Revenue is 3% and you manage to increase it by a wooping 100%, it would be 103% following your Logic. But sadly that’s not how it is. It would be 6%, Finances and Economy are using this kind of wording on a daily Basis and it’s on the news all the Time, eg. Stock Market.

To me it seems you complain for the sake of complaining, because you apparently can’t understand that your Way of thinking is wrong. It is simple Probability calculus.

At this point I can’t take you seriously anymore. It’s just plainly childish behaviour that you are presenting here.

Just Take your Time and go through the given Formular and it will make Sense. No pont in argueing, if you fail to understand the opposite standpoint.

You don’t reason with Math.  Math is what it is.  It cannot be argued.  It is like every religion’s God.  It is infallibly right. 

And even if I allowed all that infallible truth to be forgotten, it’s not acceptable to have to look at our stats, (for anybody with a second grade education, when we realize 20% + 20% doesn’t equal 40%), we are supposed to…  assume we need to go to a relatively random website, find a post (I still can’t find), and use a long formula to work out what what 20% + 20% means?

20% + 20% will always equal 40%!  Final answer!  Flare’s wrong and lazy!  Again!

I dare you to find me another game in the world that can’t do basic math!  It’s Flare they’re lazy!  And they’re irresponsible.

Nothing has changed in your chances to find an item or hit a skull trap. Just the value displayed is now the correct one used by the game. The same value that has always been used by the game.

To open 3 chests always, without any chance for failure, you need the same as you’ve ever needed before: You need one single luck perk with 100%. That’s the only way. Unfortunately, this is not possible (according to the thread about luck perk), so opening 3 chests always with no failure ever is not possible.

Exactly Maths it’s what it is and you should go back to school and read this book you just posted to understand how percentage works instead of being disrespectful with FG and everyone because of your own ignorance.

You are so ignorant it’s unbelievable.

You know that there are more Operations in math than simple addition right?

Percentages most often than not do not get Added together, but multiplied.

If you increase Value A by 20%. It’s the same as Ax1.2 (A times 1.2). And not A+20%. That’s not how Probability calculus works.

Before lecturing someone about math you may want to freshen up on your own math skills first.

Never was it Stated that it was just Added on top of our base Value.

Your Arguement would only make Sense if they Stated it somewhere and instead adding it together, they use this Formula. But that’s not the case. Just because you want it to be like that doesn’t make it right.

You don’t even realize how you are presenting yourself right now. Utterly childish, Throwing a tantrum when there is absolutely now reason to.



Please keep it civil and refrain from personal attacks.


Nothing has changed except the number reported. The luck you had before will function the same but is expressed differently. 

You never could get to 100% luck that guaranteed no skulls. Read previous threads to understand why. 

But (100*.8)*.8 does not equal. 60.

The perks don’t add one to one, but are compounded. 

Nerds like clarity.  There’s nothing clear about how this works!  I still haven’t found the legendary post explaining this formula!  And I’m very active on this forum!

And normal people like simplicity, normal people add numbers when they get two items. 

I don’t think this satisfied either the normal people or the nerds. 

What Flare really needs it more transparency. 

And honestly, this is only the most minor of the problems. 

The attack power and toughness values are ridiculous! 

They couldn’t have just made that a +% damage?

I’m done talking about this because I’m fundamentally not upset with this.  It is true compounding is a reasonable way to “add” percents.  I’m upset with the continual lack of clarity. 

As I stated I’d much rather have them fix the attack power and toughness!

@Maerique Just look into the FAQ to find the formula. Flare is transparent regarding luck :grinning:

try blizzard (considered one of the best game developers) games diablo wow, they all use % which don’t add up, and perk values that are straight values.
once you understand the maths and reason behind it its very common in many games.
but in every game there are people that can’t grasp the maths or concept. Generally the low level / casual players cannot understand - at high level play with min / max players most (or all) understand why it occurs.

@GalaMorgane where is your soap? your original threat seems very empty right now.
do we have to get more rowdy so you will clean up?

Sorry but I’m already done talking about this.  (Bad timing.)  You can can join me on my new fixation:

as mentioned in my post, games like diablo and wow have ‘perk’ values which do not add directly on. They have rating values eg 100 which does not correlate to extra +100 damage.

you a can go play simple games that have simple maths so you don’t get confused, but as you play more complicated games these things are not unusual.