Lunar Festival

*it is too late perhaps for this year, but maybe for next year*

February 5th is the lunar New Year celebrated by many Asian countries.

(there is an upcoming Ninja event) but I would like to see a 5 day long Lunar Festival for RR2

an entire Asian themed armor/weapon set could be introduced like Samurai armor

and an Asian styled Dragon Pet Pal could also be introduced.


I see the festival should offer a Lunar costume with Werewolf stats boost. I don’t know make sense I guess.

This wouldn’t make much Sense. Lunar Festival in this Sense refers to Chinese new year, which it is also known as. As mentioned above it is an asian Themed Festival. As an asian I can confidently say that werewolves are very far  off from that Theme. It’s asian culture not Western, so werewolves wouldnt be appropriate in that Content ?


I know I just have make the logic Lunar = Moon = Werewolf lol. I know is far far far related to the theme here. But i don’t see what kind of perk Lunar Festival can offer. Maybe some kind of Asian Costuse for the king with I don’t know Start moral perk maybe

I also don’t know what perks they could have but it’s something for the developers to think about xD.

But I like the general Idea of a Lunar New Year Theme.


YES!!! now that’s what I’m talking about! 

Happy Lunar New Year RR2 Spielers!


und Madlen fur posting it! ?