Lv.27 alliance looking for LOYAL members.

Hi, Sentinel here, founder of Angelic alliance.

Lately we’ve had a lot of problems with mercs who join for the good times, then leave whenever we lose a season. As if any alliance could ever win every single season. So we’ve decided to grow slowly, taking in only loyal members, rather than trying to fill our alliance with just anyone.

Like any other alliance, we are active in wars, grow as we can, help each other learn, and offer boosts. Oh, and we also know when to give up, so we don’t participate in /every/ war, just the ones that are winnable.


2,500+ trophies

75k+ donations


I’m actually not sure what we offer right now. We’re trying to activate a 24/7 offensive boost, but we’re debating between Blazing Knights (because they go great with mummies), Elite Archers (because they’re good all the time), or an alternation between the two. Either way, we will have a 24/7 boost soon! Hence the high donation requirement (: We were also in the top 200 before everyone jumped ship, so that gives you an idea of what our gold boost usually is.

Oh, and I forgot to mention! We have 10 spots open, literally 22/32, so bring a friend! (:

Lol seems the identical copy of my alliance: same requirements, same level, and also same open spots, same thoughts ^^

Lol, wanna merge? xD