Lv.30 alliance; not sure what we're looking for.

Hi, Ovoneus here, former leader of Angelic.

Right now we’re in an odd situation, and I’m not quite sure what we’re capable of asking for right now. You see, we recently merged into Gods of Destiny, another Lv.27 alliance. I had 3k gems saved (and I like to keep my gems low for the good deals), so I spent 16Mil to level it up so that everyone could stay together. Then Flare offered me a 50% off deal, so I spent $50 for 20,000 gems. Because 75% off is a damn good deal. Well apparently some people got left out, so I went ahead and leveled us up to Lv.30. Then Flare gave me 3500 /more/ gems for collecting so many pearls -.- So now we’ve gone from Lv.27 to Lv.30 in one day, have 2 guilds-worth of active, loyal players, and I still have 15,000 gems left.

So, I think we’re kinda of at the point where we’re ready to blitzkrieg to Lv.55, and to offer constant boosts. Needless to say, because we’ve advanced so quickly, the next few war seasons are probably going to be a cakewalk, which makes 24/7 boosts easy to handle.

So, obviously, if we want to race to the top, we need high donators who are also active in War (so that we don’t have to spend as much). So, if you want to be part of a fast-growing, active alliance, post your credentials. I have enough gems to take us up to Lv.32, so I can buy 2 spots for the highest donators with the highest trophies.

What we also have to offer:

Leader: oPelle, creator of the RR2 Wiki site, and a bottomless pit of information.

Co-leader who eats all the snack food: Me, one of the most active members on these forums. I don’t actually have time to lead (one reason for the merge), so I mostly just attack, test bases, etc.

And again, I’m sorry for creating a “bidding wars” situation, but I’m honestly not sure how good I can recruit with a guild this good. I’d honestly really like 500k donators… We currently have myself, 2 others progressing towards 500k, and had two 500kers go inactive, for a maximum of 5 500kers that we may have in a month if we’re lucky. But I’d really like to have more. Remember, now that boosts are taken care of, every coin that’s donated now, is donated directly towards growth. So, the higher the donation, the faster we can get to Lv.55

Lol give me your second alliance.

good luck, I would try posting in the facebook groups as well.

I don’t know who is creator, but it is not oPelle :slight_smile:



It is the only way to get to max. level


With begin of wars MOST alliances stuck to war&boosts.

Boosts for the sake of war. War for the sake of boosts.

And ~zero level growth


We (russian group of alliances) now will try to do the same thing. Bring second alliance to the max level

We select players who are willing to play without boosts. And with the tower 500k

But we speak English ;D And always have at least one 24/7 boost, because you only need to spam one type of boosted unit anyway :]

Oh :slight_smile:

This is not an advertisement and not a suggestion.I’m talking about the fact that this is the right way of growth of the alliance :slight_smile:

Ohhhh 0: My mistake ^.^’ Thought you were trying to compete for the 500kers, haha…

We have about 55-60 players 500kBut not everyone is ready to play without the boosts. Or to quit their personal alliance where they are leaders or generals.

Im the admin yes of the wikia also with kingmartin123 but no the founder/creator who was hbomborz or a name something similar to this. However “it’s like I was the creator” since a did lot of changes and stayed there since December as mss73 quoted. December was the day of registration of wikia account but now I don’t remember exactly the data but probably I did also other contributions without having a wikia’s account before December.

So some 500k asshole thought it’d be funny to apply, make spend the gems, and then leave.

Anyway, we now 1 spot open for a LOYAL high-donator. If you leave immediately after joining, I will raid you so much you’ll never upgrade anything again :wink: