Lv 46 King with 75k donations

A friend of mine, ign: ieu1

He would like a 24/7 blazing knights boost. More is unnecessary but will gladly use more. Fairly active in war season, will notify if too busy. Donates every day. He has about 1.3k trophies.

come join the [DARK KNIGHTS] 

my IGN : Darren795

come join the dark side

Can join us “Allegiant”. Level is too low for us but we can make an exception if he is active in war and donates regularly also if he have a passion to grow stronger :slight_smile: and yes we have 24/7 knights boost along with barricade boost. While other more boost during wars (depending on situation). You can contact us to know more about us.

IGN - Titanka10 or Pankaj786


he already has an alliance and still don’t tell anyone


ieu1 is in some kind of alliance


Hey, he is indeed in some kind of alliance but he wants to change :slight_smile: that’s why he is searching for a new ally. I checked the brasil ally! It looks like it was a top team but fall apart and the lower players are trying to build it up again.

And i have one more question!! A level 46 player demanding 24/7 boost isn’t too much?

he wants something that he can’t have at that level

Currently he is in an alliance that never runs boosts and also never declares war during war season. He wants a new one but is still in that one because of its gold boost.

Although for his lv it may be too much to expect, it is not too much to expect for his donations. He donates 75k, something a good deal of lv 50’s to 60’s, even a few 70’s, do not have. I know a good deal of middling alliances that have 75k as a requirement and so I figured he could find one, but apparently it won’t be as easy as I thought.

okay i will accept him in my alliance 

IGN : Darren795

alliance name : [DARK KNIGHTS]


In my opinion he should develop himself in a lower active alliance for now. Why go after boost and join a high alliance when you can’t even attack opponents? Most of our opponents lower players are more than 65 level+ so it will be advisable for him to join us a little later :slight_smile: maybe after he get to level 55? Coz some of our past lower members have left coz they couldn’t contribute in war even though they were very active.

Haha, no different than now with an alliance that never declares war. However, I will tell him.

is he going to join an alliance yes or no.

Feel free to join “For Reasons Unknown”! We’ll be happy to welcome you.