Lv 51 hero looking for alliance, give 500 Diamonds bonus alliance if alliance's good !

Hey, i’m french and I speack english.

I want to find à new and good alliance with bonus, active player and actives bonus. I can give 500 diamants bonus gold alliances  if  ifound this alliance good.

I donate 50K per Day. 

Hy RoiGollum,

we need help!!! Try us: Rasensprenger

Thx for joining 





Come with us! “Double In” is our alliance ( level 20 )

Hy RoiGollum!

here are Some more Information 

 Search on youtube: Royal revolt gameplays




We are an English speaking alliance but also have french players in our team :slight_smile:

Castleblack, we just won our war season !

James the anointed leader of Castleblack Inc.   Be Great, Be FEARED !!!

Mortal Legend V

We are English and French speakers with trophy range of 1300-2200.  You fit right in as far as player levels are concerned, and we would be happy to have you if you are an active player!  

To join you can message me here, or you can search for Mortal Legend V in game.

You can also see our recruitment thread here: 


Hi RoiGollum,

we are an mainly English but also German speaking alliance,

we’d be very happy to have you with us!

Join us here “For Reasons Unknown”.