LV1 not listed in the offer

I bought the superlative of this offer.
5000gem + 300 runes + 5000 pearls.
The notation of the establishment of the appearance of runes is
LV2 is 96%, LV3 is 4%
Three rune chests arrived.
100 Runes X3. (I naturally think it’s a good deal because I don’t have to glue it with pearl)
When I opened one of them, there were 16 LV1 runes.
Flare forgets the notation of LV1.



Hm. Sad story. Interesting to hear thr answer

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Hi there Aslan,
Thanks for reaching out. I will investigate with the developers what happened there.
Thanks for your patience, while we are investigating.
Kind regards,


Should everyone who got this broken one time offer log a support request about this? (myself included)

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We are still investigating. Once I have more information, I will let you know if this is necessary or if we will take other steps.

Please see this announcement for more information.

Each update is worse. I can’t understand why it starts just when there are 15 minutes left for the Ninjas. You have taken time not letting make the last to those who needed … also stays hung again and again … you are annoying.

The issue should be solved now.

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Make this “Rune offer” again. I already read that it not work properly, and did not buy it