Lvl 109 @ 750k donate lookin for active lvl 75+ team to join in

Title says it all. Im mostly free player, around 4k trophy range. 29% skull bonus, soon more, when get to forge those new gear from warmarster package.

Would be kewl to find ally with subscriptions, to help me rise ar lvl faster. For now, 2k gems missing.

Phoebe beast would also be cool to have.

Im already in top 100 ally, but want to explore the world and get new friends.

Will play wars&events 110%, and active in chat and all other alliance thingies you might have. 

Name is Sampe1 in game, hope to find new higish lvl team to join in, and find new fellow rr2 warriors to get to know to.

Got 2 invites already, thanks.

I will help my current ally for this war, but still waiting for invites. I prefer to join in lvl 80 team, to learn how stuff works out in maxed lvl ally.

Obviosly, im not even close to a jumper, and want to take good look at the alliances before i join.

Oh, and one more thing, im more like hyperactive in chat. Alliance chat and whatsapp/line/discord, what ever your alliance prefers. 

Also skull bonus update, now 29,3%

I wish i can get it to 30%+ with my current gear.