LvL 22 looking for a nice alliance.

  • IGN: Playerme
  • Language: English or Dutch, prefer English.
  • Hero level: 22
  • Alliance Tower’s level: 4 and will be upgrading it non stop (when possible) so i can donate more. Can donate 10k now.
  • Availability : Very Active
  • (Optional) What type of Elite Boosts are you looking for : Any, i will donate as much as i can to help affording them.
  • (Optional) Tell us something about yourself! Very active gamer from the netherlands, would like to join an alliance and have fun.

I will be upgrading my alliance tower as much as i can so i can and will donate high amounts of gold.


*Edit: Hero level keeps going up. :grinning:

Our alliance, Mortal Legend V, is looking for more active members. You are a little lower level, but we are happy to give you a shot! I will invite shortly.

I just joined another alliance, i’m sorry but thanks for your offer.


Will reconsider it when i grow stronger.

Thanks for posting a reply anyways!  The most important thing to us is that you are active and friendly.  We are all a bit bloodthirsty, but we have a good time doing it!  You can check out our forum page here if you want more info.  Good luck!


The alliance i’m in now does not do wars so i’ll keep your offer in mind for sure.

If you don’t mind me hopping around to help / join wars. :slight_smile:


I’m mostly looking for a chat active alliance, don’t really need the elite perks and all. (yet :stuck_out_tongue:


We work hard during our wars, which is why we have been winning them all.  Check out the forum post I linked above to see our previous war experiences.  

I would love for you to join us, as you seem very friendly.  We chat a lot in game and have some really great players who will always be willing to help.

Our goal is to  grow in strength so that we can all get better at the game and have fun!

Ok, i’ll join. :slight_smile:

Better to get the full experience of the game. :wink:


*Edit i’m off now since i’m in the EU and already played too long :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for having me and goodnight!

Hey, from your above comments I seem to believe that you joined a new team :slight_smile: