LVL 27 Looking for a better Alliance

Currently Lvl 27 soon to be lvl 28 with 1,610 Trophies looking for a better alliance. My alliance only has 4 active players. I play everyday, bought gems once, might buy them again when i get more heroes unlocked.  

Game name:  Goonie47

Hello Goonie2147

Would you like to join my alliance? Divided We Fall is my alliance. Let me know if you would like to join my alliance. 


Darky09 (Game name_

Hello darky. Yes I would. I just applied. 



Alright. I added you. Let me know if you want to join our line app group.

Hey Darky09, I am in the same situation as goonie2147 so i asked to join too 

I do have line.  I will ask for the info in alliance chat

Arrack you can join too. Send invitation please