Lvl 37, in need of an active alliance

  • IGN: _ _RockyLabu
  • Language:  English
  • Hero level:  37
  • Availability :Active
  • New to the game, been playing for around 10 days or so now. I’ve realized that i need a good alliance in order to advance more. I am currently in an alliance right now just to test things out, but please PM me in game or REPLY here in you’re interested in recruiting me. 

Hey, i am Titanka10 the leader of the team “Allegiant”, if you are truly interested in the game and planning to develop then we can help you out :slight_smile: although your level is too low for our ally we can make adjustments if you grow fast also we can accomodate you to play easier wars in our second teams :slight_smile: do take this offer into consideration. If your are interested do msg me ingame. “Titanka10”.

[DARK KNIGHTS] needs just one more member and your just what we are looking for so join us and enjoy the war

Hi you can join our alliance named “killerdevil”. Search for the alliance or “shalabh” in the game

you should have names the alliance ‘‘devilkiller’’