Lvl 39 looking for active clan

Hi, my IGN is Lord Grimmm, I’m lvl 39 after playing just about 1 week and donate 50k. I have been disappointed with the open enrollment clans I have joined so far even though current is decently ranked in 2800s. They just don’t have the participation I am used to. I have been top 1 or 2 for donations, no one really says much of anything and it has been a ridiculous task just to get instant troops before timer runs out. If you are looking for an active loyal member who understands there is no I in team add me in game and let’s talk. Look forward to actually speaking to each other like most games I am used to. Lol 


Lord Grimmm 

I think you would like our alliance, uncrowned legends.  We’re active and chat tends to be pretty lively.  We do well in wars and have boosts up. I’m sending you an invite. 

Join warrior assassins