In game name is  kitty on catnip  

1050 trophy level

50k donation (you might see 20k but it’s upgrading to 50k now)

About to be 4 star if this jerk in 4th place doesn’t pass me  :slight_smile:


Want an ACTIVE alliance that has leadership that screens new members and does not let just anyone in and boots players that underperform

Please recruit me but also please do not try to recruit me if your alliance is falling apart and loses wars and isn’t active.

I plan to increase my trophy level so do not be shy of recruiting me if I am a bit low.  

Thanks =)


Last war I had 10k skulls and there was 2 days left before I left alliance.  Already gaining rare chests.  =)


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we will be very happy to have you on our side.Members of all levels are welcomed in our join our alliance ‘The dominatorz xtm’ .

we only use boosts during the war namely tough barricade and holy paladin.But you should be active during war and donate regularly.

I have sent you an invitation.Accept it and join us.

Hey, we are recruiting new active members :slight_smile:

You are EXACTLY the kind of player we are looking for at THENORTHWIND. All our players start at about level 40, are VERY ACTIVE and we DON’T REQUIRE gold donations. Pretty much all of our members donate daily, because they know it benefits us all. We’d love to have you JOIN US!

Titanka won my heart , Allegiant is poised to steadily grow into the future 

Castleblack Inc. will be accepting new members at the end of this season. We are working on 1 St right now. I am a level 72 leader apply then wait. Have 8 members need a couple more hungry Kings(or Queens).

Be FEARED ! James the anointed leader of Castleblack Inc.


Yes Castleblack Inc. is a strong and loyal team please apply and wait.


Hi kitty on catnip ,

we are an mainly English but also German speaking alliance,

we’d be happy to welcome you in our alliance “For Reasons Unknown”.

So if you’re still looking for a new alliance, we will be very glad to have another active member with us!