lvl 43. 50k donation LF english alliance. (EU)

I would like to join an active alliance to do the upcoming event and possibly wars with.

I play everyday and will do 10 attacks each war, also donate daily.


Please contact me here or in game.


*Edit: 1220 trophies.


*Willing to upgrade alliance tower to higher level.


*Edit edit: In an alliance now, thanks for the invites.

join warrior assassins we have 3 boost for the event

I’ve seen you advertising your alliance before, and i tried to join.

However it’s on ‘‘invite only’’ so nobody can join unless you invite them, and i didn’t recieve an invite.

join now its open

Beginning would love to have you; unfortunately we have no space available. If you haven’t found an alliance by the time a space appears, feel free to come here! :wink:


How active is it though? on a second review it seems to be low on players / trophies.

Does everyone play daily?


I’ll keep that in mind. :grinning:

yes we won war with those players we are strong and we have a second alliance for when your stronger  and bigger in the game

Sorry for the late reply, you posted this at midnight my time.

I’ve joined another alliance that seems very active so far, thanks for the offer though.