Lvl 54 trophy 2445

Looking for an alliance with active buffs. I’m tired of doing everything myself ? 

hi jenny,

we are looking for active players we are searching for players who donate and willing to help alliance and keep the blessings active, we kick members who dont donate with gems. we were in top 10 rank but kicked half of our members who are not willing to donate so we dropped down but we will be back there fast, we still looking for members like you if you are interrested Red Squadron is our alliance

Jenny! Blue Line is 8-12 rank depending on open slots but currently we have 5 spots that are open. We do require team work and are filling up fast. I gained 3 members yesterday that are on board. Our entire alliance donates via gems though so no one woman armies. 

Here is our post, feel free to message me on Line at cmilliorn Ill see that way faster. 


Hi Jenny,


Your profile matching our member expectations. We are a fresh alliance with great people who want to make the first ally of Olympus Rising. Don’t worry about blessings, these are permanent here (not all but the mandatory). We are active, generous, and looking for loyal and strong player like you.


Take a tour on our topics : 

Feel free to join us on LINE too, very active chat where we share our epic adventure all a day.

Even if you have join another ally, you can contact our general to talk about to join us. Don’t miss the opportunity :grinning:

PS: sorry for my english, I’m french :grinning:

Hello jenny

please consider joining RED SQUADRON. We are low in the ranks at the moment but thats because we are 10 players shy of being full we got sick of doing everything ourselves as well lol and kicked non donators . Our blessings are permanent and always maxed out. We are a good group with an active chat

please feel free to contact me on LINE 

line id: deegan989

or apply in game and i will accept




Hi there I am the general of Blue Line ranked 9-11 depending on the day. We have two open spots, only catch is we are gem spenders and require donations to be part of the alliance. Fair part is that everyone on the alliance does it and they donate the same amount so its fair. No one carries us we work as a group and have active Line chat.


Line id cmilliorn if interested