Lvl 60 and lvl 53 players looking for an adult and active alliance! (donation limit: 100k)

My wife (IGN: hy.c) and I (IGN: nunolin) are looking for a friendly alliance that participates in alliance wars. We are active and will fulfill daily donation requirement (donation limit: 100k). While we are currently leaders in the alliance “NaHg”, the alliance suffers from inactivity and the lack of members. Please check us out and kindly send me a personal message! Thank you!

Greetings, I sent you a message about United We Stand, send me or my General:  Dena4  about further information or your interest.  I know the message is long but it explains as briefly as I could about the many benefits and the history of United We Stand.  Have a good day and fight on King nunolin and Queen hy.c.


Bacon nation is looking for regular active players. We want players who fight regularly in the alliance wars. Welcome to join us.

Like master Diaz said, we are an alliance where members are helping each other and chat a lot. We are definitely looking for members that are willing to battle during war season. In this war season we are doing great, even when a few members are not helping a lot. We are already certain to become first or second place. 


If you join us, we will also test your bases if you would like to join us and give advice how to improve it. I joined it after the windows bug together with my daughter and we couldn’t have made a better choice.


A very friendly alliance is United We Stand and that is what we do, standing together as a team in good and in bad times. So if you are interested, send me or Master Diaz a message. 

Hey, ENIGMA is currently recruiting. We have 2 slots available now. In the last war we won first place. Almost all of our members are active and contribute in wars.


ENIGMA: level 24, Members: 27/29, Gold bonus: 29%, Tax bonus: 8%, Fiefdoms: 19.


If you are interested in joining our team, please request to join in game

or tell me here and I will send you a request!

If you and your wife are interested in joining North Alliance-Valhalla like this post. We can always make room for active players. If we had player criteria I am sure you would qualify. What we do have for requirements is fight, chat, donate.

Hey there, if you are interested in joining a strong alliance, then join Open Team, only two slots free… And you and your wife pass all of our basic requirements for recruiting… And probably, if you are high enough so your trophies would be far higher than 1700k ,if higher you can post a thread on Open Team page in this forum or simply apply for it in the game…we are a bunch of the freaked ones there…join for the maximum fun that you can have… And we won this current war session :slight_smile:

I believe the topic can be closed as Queen hy.c and King Nunolin have been apart of United We Stand for about a week, We are glad and honored to have them among Our Glorious ranks.  We’ll see everyone else on the battlefield!  Fight on and have a good day.