Lvl 66 looking for alliance

Hi guys, i’m an italian player and i’m actually looking for a new ally. I’m playing with some friends (actually we’re 3) so if you want to recruit me you’ve to accept them aswell. 

I’m level 66 with 150k donations with almost 2300 trophies, while my friends are level 55-58 (don’t remember exactly should be between this xd) with 50k and 75k donations with 1500+ trophies both.

We’re looking for a strong and active guild with active boosts on, our nickname in game are: Ahnimes, Annanenna and Cyber3 (you can find all of us in CAIO MEMES alliance).

Hi King Ahnimess,

i could not find you with the IGN ahnimess. I send an invitation to all Members of CAIO MEMES.

If you want you can join our Alli 42!

We can give an new home to all of you.



King c10urc