Lvl 70 king in need of an alliance

Hi there everyone.

I am in need of an alliance

Want an alliance with tough barricade,power archer,blazing knights,Range Bomber and frost spike activated 24/7.Other boosts are also appreciated.

What I expect from the alliance:-

Help me improve my base and waves

Friendly in nature

Players active during war.

What you will get from me:-

donation of 75k

I will upgrade my alliance tower in next alliance party event

active during war.I can collect 3000skulls during war easily

My info:-

Trophy-above 2400


If you want me in your side,then invite me or give a reply below

Thanks ?

invited you already!! Althought your demands are too high considering your donation :confused:

hey swinger Come join me in the alliance named: [DARK KNIGHTS]

Hi if you want you can enter in my alliance. One piece143 leve 27 , bonus Gold 29% , 29/31 members active

we have all you want.  [For The People] welcomes you. Apply to join us or add me. In game name :  Lectree




our alliance FairyTail…welcome everybody from all over the world! and thats what we are by now. i´m from germany and some other guys, too. in chat we are talking english. my hero level is 77. it doesnt matter how much you donate, but just do it. most important is that you want to fight with us together in war. if youre loyal for a long time youll get general. if it`s necessary, we start various boosts. we can take 22 soldiers - be a part of it and join us!

best regards,