Lvl 77, 75k donation(250k next alliance tower event)

Ign: Kausido, I am a very active player, always do 10/10 raids in war. Need a good alliance with atleast barricades 24x7. Canons preferably if possible :slight_smile:

India 2

GOLD DIGGERS. We have 12 members now, 2 are 500k and a couple 150k. We run boosted knights, archers and barricades. Boosts as of this response have 2+ days on them and we have 11 million in the treasury. Check us out.

Kausid is now apart of GENIE AND MASTER STAY AWAY!

Uhhh I lied! Why u leave ?

Kausido told us that he will help his friend’s alliance on this war  :slight_smile:

Lol, I am rejoining in a few hours guys. Lol