Lvl 88 and 89 looking for a home

My wife and I just came back from a 6 month vacation. Here is the info:

nunolin, lvl 89, alliance tower lvl 11

hy.c, lvl 88, alliance tower lvl 11

Looking for a friendly English-speaking alliance. Thanks!

You can try “Genie and Master.” Have a look here.
We have 2 alliances, currently using the one with the
dot at the end. One spot is missing, but there is enough
gold for level ups. Just contact Dena4 or Edward the 7th.

Never Angelic, Blade Storm has most boosts going and you meet their requirements of 250k. If boosts are what you are looking for.

We were both in little defenders. Hopefully someon there can send us an invite? :wink:

I sent you a friend request. Hopefully we can talk and see if you join us :slight_smile:  

Nunolin and hy.c, you were in our previous team,  United we Stand. Members you still know from that time are now in Genie And Master.

We love to welcome both of you. We can make room, so no need to wait.

Greetings, Jack.


Hello there old friend! Of course we remember you from our first alliance united we stand. Thanks for the invite! Is war participation a must in Genie and Master? I’m asking since we just revisted rr2 and are unsure of how big our commitment is. Perhaps it would be wise to start from a lower feeder alliance (boot camp type)? Anyway nice to see you still rolling :slight_smile:


We actually have two teams Nunolin, say hi to your wife from us. Yes, I remember those days also very well. Edward and I made our teams a place for fun, it’s a game and family comes first, the both of you will like it, since players are even more active than you were used to.

We have two teams, “Genie and Master” plus “Genie and Master.” (watch the dot)

The dot team is the fighting team at the moment while the main team (without dot) is dropping trophies right now. In dot we have two permanent boosts, storm cannon and knights. During war seasons we activate boosted bomb towers plus barricades and suring non war seasons, we activate wolf.

In the non fightung team we don’t boost. Before the season you can decide when you want to fight or not, during non season you van always join the boosted team to profit the boosts.

Due to our tactics we win almost any season. When seasons become tough, we switch back.

If you want to join us, tell me, we can invite you and your wife and I will make room. This season we already secured so you can enjoy the remaining three days and enjoy the game with the boosts we have. Edward you will also remember, plus Barlo, Aegisrex, Tuulia and some others

Invites have been send, we have room for one of you at the moment, but we have the gold to upgrade. So when one joins a general can make room and the other can join. Hope to see you two soon. Like I said, relax during this season, meet the members and enjoy the boosts. If you need help discovering the new parts that you missed, members will inform you. 


hey join one out of the 2 alliance , Genie and Master or Blade storm